“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

I have seen endless articles on how to find yourself the winning dress, get the perfect swimsuit body, and compose yourself for that nerve wracking final, on-stage question. Although these aspects of a pageant competition demonstrates the grace, confidence, and lifestyle of a contestant, I believe what truly makes a winner is not a crown, but the lessons they learned along the way. These are my winning lessons.


 Be Grateful, Thankful and Appreciative

Before everything else, be thankful. When you start your day with an open heart, the opportunities are endless. Remind yourself of the people that helped sculpt you into the wonderful young woman you are presenting on stage that evening. From friends, family, and sponsors, give thanks to them, always. Without those individuals, you surely wouldn’t be the same person. Create those connections and give back that unconditional love when you can.

Be Determined

No queen gives up on their first try. No queen became a queen with failing a few times. That failure doesn’t define who we are, but tests how we combat it. Things won’t always go the way you intended them to, but that by no means defines the outcome for you. Keep your faith alive, and work hard for whatever it is you believe in. That passion will open doors for you, never lose that.

Be Ambitious

I am a huge believer that there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Reach for your big, hairy, out of this world, dreams. The saddest thing one can do is never try. Looking back on my experiences, I gave up a lot to be able to achieve the goals I wanted. Although these sacrifices limited my ability to have the typical “teenage experience,” I had an extraordinary experience on my own. Because I was chasing after my dreams, none of the small stuff I was missing out on mattered and in the end I can look back and feel accomplished. Go big, go hard, and go at 110% at something you want to achieve.

Be Yourself!

And all of this brings us here, to who you are. When you spend your reign discovering who you are through going to events, meeting new people, and having unique experience, going into a national competition you will feel comfortable with who you are and the person you are proudly showcasing on stage. That confidence exudes out of you and creates a feeling for everyone to enjoy. So be that goofy, loving, bubbly, and beautiful young woman you are. Either way, you leave a winner. Whether that symbol of success be a crown and sash, or friendships and new memories, never discredit who you are and what you achieved.

We all win in the end.

Mackenzie, Miss Teenage Western Alberta 2017


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