With the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss Teenage Canada, we were given the chance to write a fashion blog for Street Chic. This up and coming online fashion, look-book style magazine is incredible for your one stop latest trends, tips and all around Canadian fashion hub. Staying true to not only my Alberta Roots, but my open, honest and relatable style of writing, I wanted to create a meaningful blog filled with metaphors that are correlated with life lessons I’ve learned in my short 17 years of living, mixed with vintage boho/country styled looks to compliment the blog.

Hay Bales To High Fashion in Airdrie, Alberta

From thunder in the distance and spiting rain, to lightening and plunging raindrops, to say this blog challenge was anything but a challenge would be a bold face lie. Running away from thunderstorms to accomplish the perfect shots was not the way I anticipated my Saturday. But, that’s the incredible thing about pageants! They push you out of your comfort zone and test you. My faith has a huge place in my heart, and I believe God sends these obstacles down to you not because you can’t overcome them, but to prove to you that you can.

Though we did a lot of driving around to beat the storm, as well as some shameless car-pool karaoke-ing, my beautiful model Mikaela and I had a blast! Along the way of this uncharted journey, ideas clicked for what I was to write about. I had been pondering this question a lot. I don’t know much about fashion, nor have I ever written about it. But, what I do know about (and something I believe most can relate to) is taking the road less traveled by at least once, finding those obstacles along the way (much like the storm,) somehow through some inner strength making it through, and becoming a whole new person after this experience. I believe when we go through these points in our life, not only does our personality change, but so does our style. There’s core values that we stay true to throughout this development, hence Mikaela’s continuous cowgirl aesthetic throughout my blog. But we evolve around those values, allowing us to become such unique individuals.

All in all, I had such a fun time pushing my personal limits and taking the reigns on this assignment, and made it more than just an assignment. I made this into an opportunity to express a vulnerable, yet fashionable side of me and I’m so happy with how it’s turned out!

“Whether striving to be a trendsetter in a new destination, or vying to be the next Miss Teenage Canada, one must be comfortable, confidant and beautifully authentic in their personality and style.” (Hay Bales to High Fashion in Airdrie, Alberta)

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