Ever wonder what life is like for a Canadian teenager?

This new exciting drama brings you directly into the lives of Canadian teenagers across the vast country of Canada. The series will cover many topics from teen-agers growing up with the downsides of cold Canadian winters to the perks of beautiful sourroundings within Canada. It deals with the typical relationships, troubles, ups and downs of modern-day teenagers, situated in different locations across Canada.  Each week’s episode will be located in a different area of Canada with a different story line, but all relating to the angst of teen life but just with a Canadian backdrop.   The season will make you cry, laugh and enjoy all at the same time.

Canadian teenagers have many different things they have to deal with besides just being a teen.  Such as how to get that late assignment handed in when there is a “snow-day”, or trying to avoid wildlife as they bike to school or having to play soccer outside and the field is full of mudholes and mosquitoes.  The first pilot show of the series revolves around Jenni, played by Natalie Allin, a Western Canadian teen actress, who has just finished off her first summer job as a camp counsellor in Northern Ontario and is torn between the hot co-worker or rugged tree-planter.  Another program in the series is about a 17 yr-old hockey player who is trying out for his town’s AAA hockey team only to please his parents, when he really wants to be a dancer.

Its these kind of themes that should appeal to Billy Elliot, the musical, for sponsorship as Billy Elliot is a similiar kind of story where a young British boy prefers dance to boxing in his blue-color English hometown.  Even though this series is to take place in Canada, teenagers all over the world are dealing with issues – their relationships with their friends and family, making the right choices, and dealing with stresses of teen life.   The  company, Jeanne Lottie would also be a good choice to sponsor this TV drama, as its a Canadian business that is very tuned in to Canada’s teens.

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